Horoscope Tarot & Psychic Readings

Most of our psychics are recommended by other readers, and before becoming a 1-800-PREDICT psychic, we require a vigorous interview process that includes several test readings. Once hired, our psychics continue to be tested to ensure their accuracy, and we welcome your feedback.

Our psychics have various fields of expertise: relationships, tarot cards, astrology, numerology, financial forecasting and contacting angels. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t immediately connect with the first psychic you talk to. Not every reader is right for every person. So if you don’t feel any chemistry after a few minutes, hang up and try another extension. We’re confident that we have the right psychic for you. Call our customer care team at 1-888-69-STARS (1-888-697-8277) if you’d like a recommendation.

Claudia, ext. 4306, is a clairvoyant, numerologist, and tarot card reader. Psychic since childhood, she uses tarot cards and astrology to make a stronger connection during her readings. Claudia has been with 1-800-PREDICT for many years and has always been one of our top readers. She specializes in money matters but also enjoys helping people with questions about relationships.

Shandra, ext. 8627, is natural clairaudient and master astrologer and Tarot reader. She combines these gifts to give you an accurate, detailed reading. Shandra knows how to bring clarity to your life and give you the necessary courage to face your challenges. A reading with her will help you understand the point of your journey on this planet.

Terry, ext. 4657, is a skilled clairvoyant and well-known for his advice on relationships and money issues. He is extremely accurate and very good with timing. He is one of our most-requested psychics, and his gentle spirit will help bring you clarity and insight. A reading with him will help clear a troubled mind and ease a broken heart.

Wayne, ext. 4330, is not just amazingly accurate, but he also really tells it like it is. Wayne has been a longtime reader with us, and in that time has become one of our most requested psychics. As a clairvoyant and master Tarot reader, he can reveal the outcome of love relationships as well as guide you through difficult career and financial decisions.