Featured Psychics

Ciarra , ext. 8624, has practiced the art of Tarot for the past 22 years. She brings extensive knowledge and heartfelt compassion to her readings and will offer you many surprising insights into your life. Her goal is to bring you clarity, comfort, joy, peace and understanding. .

Gail, ext. 7144, is an advanced clairvoyant and Tarot reader and can help you with relationships, friendships, career choices and finances. Her approach is down to earth, she can provide practical answers to all your questions. Call her for a clearer view of the world and what lies ahead.

Gwynne, ext. 7351, started reading at age twelve under the guidance of her grandmother, who was an accomplished seer. At first she read with a regular deck of playing cards and beads. Gwynne receives great fulfillment to be of service to all those who seek answers.

Irene, ext. 4883, possesses a wide array of psychic abilities. Not only does she read Tarot cards, but she can also communicate with loved ones who have passed on. Her spirit guides help her locate lost items, and she has even helped solve murder cases.

Katherine, ext. 8084, is a third generation psychic and master Tarot card reader. She specializes in dream interpretation, family relations, finance and romance. Katherine can help you put your finger on the pulse of any issue. A reading with her will create a new vision that can give enlightenment and practical outcome.

Renee, ext. 8649, is a clairvoyant Tarot reader. She specializes in love amp; relationships, career amp; finance, and helping you find your life’s direction. She is especially adept at seeing motives, attitudes, character traits, and hidden fears amp; desires. Renee loves helping others find the answers they need for life’s intricate journey.

Rosebud, ext. 8628, has had clairvoyant visions since childhood. In addition to her psychic gift, she has studied the art of the Tarot and uses the Tarot cards to help answer specific questions about love, marriage and money. Her most gratifying moments come when her clients call to say that her predictions were accurate and that her advice helped steer them safely through a difficult situation. A reading with Rosebud will help you see the road ahead and guide you to the journey’s end.

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