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Welcome to Honor Your Truth…The “Is It True?” Series Episode Thirty-Five “Better to have and lost than never to have loved at all” Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all I look at the magic 8 ball and realize it doesnt have the answers any more than my daily love horoscope does. I could consult a psychic, but I am fairly certain that is not what is meant by, turn it over to a power greater than yourself. At this point, any power would be considered greater than my own. I cant do this. I dont know how to do this. How do people do this? I never received whatever skills, insights, examples to model after, or ingredients from the right gene pool. I did see an astrologist a few years back who told me I would never have children and I would never find the love, that one special love, of my life. I would love big and love many. Yah thats cool but WHAT IN THE WORLD did I do that for. I walked out of there considerably more hopeless than when I walked in. If I know one thingit helps to think positively. Turn that frown upside down. Moping around isnt going to help me one iota. So.cancel, cancel. I never went to see her and I dont know what I am talking about. If there was a manual on love, there are many books, but if there was just one main manual, it would be a cover and a page.just a cover and a page. Love yourself first.so Im working on that. It is one of those things that kinda makes me cringe to say or even think about, so I have quite a ways to go